Basement Windows

Basement windows have a wide variety of choices. There is an important consideration of egress, which usually involves a safety code requiring at least one window having the ability to escape out of in case of fire. The hopper window is the recommendation for this window opening. This replacement window has the ability to be taken out for a quick escape. The basement egress window can also be a slider window where you can quickly pop out both sashes for ease of exit.

The next consideration for the other basement replacement windows would be style and energy efficiency. As mentioned above the slider replacement window is a good egress basement window but it is also appropriate for many of the opening in the rec room. Most of the basement windows are wide and short windows where a sliding window would make the most sense. These windows slide easily for ventilation and the sashes come out for cleaning. They are very airtight and can be equipped with dual or triple glazing for added fuel savings.

Another popular choice for the basement window is the glass block. This is not really an egress window not allowing much room for escape even though it is usually vented. They are a very secure replacement window but not as astatically pleasing as the slider windows for basement.

In the region of Chicago where our firm installs replacement windows the Glen Ellyn replacement window and Wheaton replacement windows have mainly slider windows. There is a lot of moisture in basements and this replacement window solves the egress and energy efficiency concerns with the added benefit of good ventilation.